Fishing Seasons

October – November

Fall fishing trips mean big fish, multiple hookups, and sore arms! Trophy King, Coho and Chum Salmon enter the rivers at this time. It is common to catch all three species during our fall trips on our favorite coastal rivers. Due to typically perfect river conditions and fair weather this can be a great time for beginners and kids to tangle with some big salmon!

December – January

Early winter is very special season for us. We get the opportunity to catch late-run Coho Salmon and Steelhead in the same day! Late-season Coho Salmon can be caught from Thanksgiving through early January and Hatchery Steelhead are there-for-the-catching from Thanksgiving through February. A mixed bag is hard to beat!

February – April

This is one or our favorite fishing seasons! Trophy Wild Steelhead return in healthy numbers from February through April. You could potentially hook the most memorable Steelhead of your life, as many high-teens to twenty-plus pound Steelhead are caught with us every year. While many of our clients have struggled to catch Steelhead on their own, we consistently provide multiple opportunities a day for these elusive fish.