Humptulips River Fishing Trips

Humptulips River has a healthy return of fall salmon. All smiles with this large Coho Salmon!

Humptulips River Salmon & Steelhead Guided Fishing

The Humptulips River has some of the greatest runs of salmon in Washington State. It flows from the southern foothills of the Olympic mountain range and empties into Grays Harbor.

Humptulips River Salmon Fishing Trips

Chinook Salmon enter the river as early as September and are available throughout the fall season. Coho and Chum Salmon flood in as soon as we get that first healthy rainstorm. The river is alive during the fall season.

Humptulips River Hatchery Steelhead Fishing Trips

Those frosty early December days are the beginning of our Steelhead fishing season. We see returns of Hatchery Steelhead first, and have a couple good months of fishing for ones that we can bring home.

Humptulips River Trophy Wild Steelhead Fishing Trips

During late January we see the first true Wild Steelhead enter the system, and our trophy hunting begins! This is strictly a Catch & Release experience, but we see the largest Steelhead of the season from February through April.

Every Wild Steelhead is a gift, and luckily the Humptulips River has more than its fair share.